Telemark Skiing

Telemark skiing is where skiing all started in the early days and is still the most dynamic and exciting way to ski. Experienced instructors can introduce you to the joys and challenge of free heel skiing, with freedom to explore the vast expanse and terrain of the Perisher resort. Use the lifts, play in the terrain parks or venture backcountry. No matter what experience you would like to try on snow, Perisher has it all!

Call K7 Adventures 0421 862 354 or Wilderness Sports on 6457 5966, to discover the diverse range of Nordic Back Country experiences and activities on offer including snow-shoeing, telemark and cross-country skiing.

What is Telemark?
Telemark skiing is named after Telemark – a type of turn named after the place where it was invented (Telemark, Norway). In this turn, the inside knee drops low and the inside ski drops back creating a high degree of fore-aft stability (and the heel of that foot comes up). Telemark gear is designed to accommodate this technique with a toe piece that holds the toe securely and a strong cable that wraps around the heel pulling it into the toe-piece (giving it more stability). Unlike cross country, telemark gear is designed for skiing down steeper and more aggressive slopes. Metal edge skis with smooth surfaces (just like alpine skis) are used. Also capable of climbing uphill or across flat terrain with skins attached to the bases (synthetic fur that is smooth one way, rough in the other, allowing forward slide but traction when pushing back. These are put on and taken off as needed).

Image courtesy of K7 Adventures.